Version History

0.9.8 - 2012-11-18


  • Channel.queue_declare/BlockingChannel.queue_declare not setting up callbacks property for empty queue name (Issue #218)
  • Channel.queue_bind/BlockingChannel.queue_bind not allowing empty routing key
  • Connection._on_connection_closed calling wrong method in Channel (Issue #219)
  • Fix tx_commit and tx_rollback bugs in BlockingChannel (Issue #217)

0.9.7 - 2012-11-11

New features


  • BlockingChannel._send_method will only wait if explicitly told to


  • Added the exchange “type” parameter back but issue a DeprecationWarning
  • Dont require a queue name in Channel.queue_declare()
  • Fixed KeyError when processing timeouts (Issue # 215 - Fix by Raphael De Giusti)
  • Don’t try and close channels when the connection is closed (Issue #216 - Fix by Charles Law)
  • Dont raise UnexpectedFrame exceptions, log them instead
  • Handle multiple synchronous RPC calls made without waiting for the call result (Issues #192, #204, #211)
  • Typo in docs (Issue #207 Fix by Luca Wehrstedt)
  • Only sleep on connection failure when retry attempts are > 0 (Issue #200)
  • Bypass _rpc method and just send frames for Basic.Ack, Basic.Nack, Basic.Reject (Issue #205)

0.9.6 - 2012-10-29

New features

  • URLParameters
  • BlockingChannel.start_consuming() and BlockingChannel.stop_consuming()
  • Delivery Confirmations
  • Improved unittests

Major bugfix areas

  • Connection handling
  • Blocking functionality in the BlockingConnection
  • SSL
  • UTF-8 Handling


  • pika.reconnection_strategies
  • pika.log
  • pika.template
  • examples directory

0.9.5 - 2011-03-29


  • Scope changes with adapter IOLoops and CallbackManager allowing for cleaner, multi-threaded operation
  • Add support for Confirm.Select with channel.Channel.confirm_delivery()
  • Add examples of delivery confirmation to examples (
  • Update uses of log.warn with warning.warn for TCP Back-pressure alerting
  • License boilerplate updated to simplify license text in source files
  • Increment the timeout in select_connection.SelectPoller reducing CPU utilization
  • Bug fix in Heartbeat frame delivery addressing issue #35
  • Remove abuse of pika.log.method_call through a majority of the code
  • Rename of key modules: table to data, frames to frame
  • Cleanup of frame module and related classes
  • Restructure of tests and test runner
  • Update functional tests to respect RABBITMQ_HOST, RABBITMQ_PORT environment variables
  • Bug fixes to reconnection_strategies module
  • Fix the scale of timeout for PollPoller to be specified in milliseconds
  • Remove mutable default arguments in RPC calls
  • Add data type validation to RPC calls
  • Move optional credentials erasing out of connection.Connection into credentials module
  • Add support to allow for additional external credential types
  • Add a NullHandler to prevent the ‘No handlers could be found for logger “pika”’ error message when not using pika.log in a client app at all.
  • Clean up all examples to make them easier to read and use
  • Move documentation into its own repository
    • Move channel.MAX_CHANNELS constant from connection.CHANNEL_MAX
    • Add default value of None to ChannelTransport.rpc
    • Validate callback and acceptable replies parameters in ChannelTransport.RPC
    • Remove unused connection attribute from Channel
    • Remove unused import of struct
    • Remove direct import of pika.credentials.PlainCredentials - Change to import pika.credentials
    • Move CHANNEL_MAX to channel.MAX_CHANNELS
    • Change ConnectionParameters initialization parameter heartbeat to boolean
    • Validate all inbound parameter types in ConnectionParameters
    • Remove the Connection._erase_credentials stub method in favor of letting the Credentials object deal with that itself.
    • Warn if the credentials object intends on erasing the credentials and a reconnection strategy other than NullReconnectionStrategy is specified.
    • Change the default types for callback and acceptable_replies in Connection._rpc
    • Validate the callback and acceptable_replies data types in Connection._rpc
  • adapters.blocking_connection.BlockingConnection
    • Addition of _adapter_disconnect to blocking_connection.BlockingConnection
    • Add timeout methods to BlockingConnection addressing issue #41
    • BlockingConnection didn’t allow you register more than one consumer callback because basic_consume was overridden to block immediately. New behavior allows you to do so.
    • Removed overriding of base basic_consume and basic_cancel methods. Now uses underlying Channel versions of those methods.
    • Added start_consuming() method to BlockingChannel to start the consumption loop.
    • Updated stop_consuming() to iterate through all the registered consumers in self._consumers and issue a basic_cancel.

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