This class is not intended for use by those using Pika in their applications. This documentation is for those who are extending Pika or otherwise working on the driver itself.

The class in this module, amqp_object.AMQPObject extends Python’s object class creating a base class that other classes, who would like an easy to implement representation of the class state, may extend.

Base classes that are extended by low level AMQP frames and higher level AMQP classes and methods.


class pika.amqp_object.AMQPObject[source]

Base object that is extended by AMQP low level frames and AMQP classes and methods.

NAME = 'AMQPObject'
INDEX = None


class pika.amqp_object.Class[source]

Is extended by AMQP classes

NAME = 'Unextended Class'
INDEX = None


class pika.amqp_object.Method[source]

Is extended by AMQP methods

NAME = 'Unextended Method'
synchronous = False
_set_content(properties, body)[source]

If the method is a content frame, set the properties and body to be carried as attributes of the class.

  • properties (pika.frame.Properties) – AMQP Basic Properties
  • body (str|unicode) – The message body

Return the properties if they are set.

Return type:pika.frame.Properties

Return the message body if it is set.

Return type:str|unicode
INDEX = None


class pika.amqp_object.Properties[source]

Class to encompass message properties (AMQP Basic.Properties)

NAME = 'Unextended Properties'
INDEX = None